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Yes I had a topic before and I believe no one responded.  But I can believe that because it was very broad.  I've since done a compression test on my motor.  It will not start and idle.  The compression test came back good.  It has a stinger computer in it.  The oil pressure gauge recently went back and was leaking oil inside the wire box.  I believe its a short that is causing it to not start.  What should I do?


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you may be able to use electronics cleaner to clear-out the oil. It is unlikely to be causing a problem but, I'd try to clean it. Or, try brake cleaner or WD-40, maybe followed by electronics cleaner?


was there a wreck or work done before the the car became inoperable? Sometimes when the engine is worked on, the IACV's hose gets dislodged from under the intake tubing.

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