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We've just lost our '96 Legacy Outback in a roll-over accident. My wife, who was the only one in the car, seems to be okay but the car is probably gone for good. I have to say that it held up really well and she walked away from it. Some idiot tried to pass her on the right shoulder on the freeway, causing the accident.


In any case, she wants another one of the same, given her confidence in the quality of the car. The '96 was fine but I'm considering something a bit newer. I work on our cars myself and had no trouble doing the routing stuff on the '96 such as timing belt, oil seals, etc. We had the 2.5 DOHC which was fine, except for poor gas mileage.


I have heard about problems with the later 2.5 DOHC engines. How do I tell if a car has this one? What were the dates to watch out for?


In general, which models would you recommend buying? We do want another wagon so the Legacy is our first choice.


Many thanks for your input.




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Welcome to the Board!:cool:


Plenty of opinions here!:confused:


I'd investigate the head gasket issues before finalizing a buying decision.

I have an 82 and an 01 and love them!



82 SubaruHummer

01 Forester

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