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Onging electrical problems with 2917 outback limited

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Since purchase 11 months ago, has had several electric problems. Worst and most frequent problem is car won't start, even with new "bigger" battery installed by deakership months ago. Has been jumped 3 times this week. Dealer does not know why. Other problems- several ocurrences of safety collision alarm going off when no object in path. If I do not stop car steering wheel locks. Several times hatch door ooens when not released. And one time when exiting car, horn went off, do not know why and I could not turn it off. Turned off itself after a long few minutes. Next door car, 500 ford security alarm triggered my car's alarm to go off at 3am. It stopped when the Ford's owner clicked his alarm off with HIS ford key fob. Any suggestions?

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Visit the wrong side of town with it , park and take your large dog for a long walk...   

LOL .. Sorry couldn't resist..   

No way a car that new should have those kind of issues.   If your local dealer can't solve your problem then go up the line to their bosses. 

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Be calm, consistent and persistent with the dealer until they resolve this.


I guess one issue is that it’s all happening to you and the dealer never sees it?


Test the parasitic draw - very easy test and then you’ll know if there’s a drain.


FOB, rear lift, and horn all point to security related issue.


The Safety collision alarm I can’t think how it would be connected to those other items....

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