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  1. Milty; Hill holders work great! They had them in the older subi's glad to here they brought them back! The clutch pedal moving is what releases the brake... at least it was on the older ones.
  2. We are talking about a 2003 2.5 sohc. They drip coolant/oil and overheat from a lack of coolant . A 2.5 dohc has a poor seal at the fire ring and boils coolant and that creates air pockets.
  3. If the passenger side had the wire clip... so did the drivers side...
  4. Check the pos cable at the starter, check the neg cable same area. Closely inspect the smaller hot wire from the battery to the fuse box.
  5. When one won't pop up I slide a bic lighter under a front corner, pops open every time.
  6. The window has the gasket placed on it and then is set on a bead of urethane sealant.
  7. Hi Chuck; That is the differential , transfer is with sliding clutches further back. I can't get your video to come up . I have not pulled that retainer to change out the seal before, always just popped it out and tapped in a new one. Now that its to late, I should mention that those seals almost never go bad. I would definitely attempt to reassemble before I order a new transmission. Where did you get your replacement axles? Never never get a re-manufactured one. Must are coming out of china. Even many new ones are coming from there. They have been known to vibrate right out of the box.
  8. Hi all; Picked up an 01 limited 5 speed to flip this week. The seller claimed new head gaskets, new oe timing set , new factory thermostat. heads sent off to machine shop. All done in Jan 18. I was shown the bill. Car ran good until may then started overheating. Would run apx 25 miles before heating up. Putting pressure into the radiator just like a 25 D engine... having never come across a cyl. leaking head gasket on a 2.5 1 I went under the assumption that I would find a cracked head. Inspection of the spark plugs after bringing it home showed #1 plug water stained. While pulling the motor I saw that indeed a new timing set was on the car, not OE but not junk. The "new" thermostat had 1/4" holes drilled into it ,no doubt by the seller hoping to fix his heating up problem. My thought at that point was a low rent machine shop swapping out heads instead of rebuilding what was brought to them. Seller claimed he had the head gaskets done because they were oil dripping & he wanted to get another 100,00 out of his car... When removing the first head I could see that factory gaskets were not used ... after head was off, the problem was glaringly apparent, total crap quality head gasket !!! I have never seen a gasket deteriorate like this one had! In only 5 months ! No name left on the gasket if it ever had one. I pulled the other head and it would have been leaking any day! No proof but I have no doubt they were china gaskets.... The seller paid almost $1800 for this work, $200 alone for head gaskets and bolts! Moral of the story... Factory original parts ! If you can not do the work yourself... find a real Subaru shop. You usually get what you pay for... sometimes you get even less. He sold me the car for $800... costly little fix by a non subaru shop for him... nice clean car for me.
  9. Somebody has been playing in the mud! Looks like fun! Good luck with your project.
  10. Yes,it will but try a though cleaning first. It may not be your problem. Does the car have any codes showing or pending? What ever you do do not try to adjust anything, it will only make it worse. R&R only.
  11. Ebay item #( 131463945004 ) Brand new Pair of Subaru #610 head gaskets $88.95 delivered. From a Subaru dealer. Chase all the threads , lube again, especially the seat at the head of the bolt