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  1. Here is an item # at Ebay. All OE $240 delivered. (191939610590 ) Timing Belt Kit for Subaru Impreza Forester Outback Legacy SOHC 99-12 100% OEM
  2. Sorry didn't mean to confuse you. Do what you want.
  3. one cly at a time , open the intakes , adjust the exhaust, close intake ,open exhaust, adjust the intake. move to next cly
  4. No, when the cam is free floating is not the time to adjust. Turn the cam until a set of valves are full open and adjust the other set on the same cly. , roll the cam and adjust the set that was just open. Use only Subaru head gaskets.
  5. As Bennie asked why was the rad replaced ? Fill the engine from the upper hose , then attach and finish by topping the radiator. Strong chance you may need head gaskets.
  6. To build the tool to pull ball joints , you need a few pipe fittings ,a piece of all thread some nuts and a lug nut . You do need to drill one hole and weld the lug nut on the all thread. That's it. Its about a half hour job. If you don't have a drill or a welder , pay someone who does. A teenager in high school can build one of these.
  7. Here is an Ebay item number for the original equipment complete part. 132901914818 type this in the ebay search.
  8. If you can get it in a dark place , when its acting up . I think you will see the catalytic glowing . Too much raw fuel being dumped.
  9. This is a long shot for you but worth checking. On two different outback's I had a persistent abs light. Code reading said the main unit was "stuffed". or up the creek. There is a ground wire for that whole unit. I believe it originally was bolted under part of the P.S. tank. I have found this ground moved and loose and not moved but also loose. Both cases caused a main unit failure code but the fix was as simple as cleaning and tightening a ground. Take a look it won't take long.
  10. What symptoms are your brakes showing ?
  11. I would not attempt changing over. You would need the ecm and the harness. Non turbo 2.5 would be sohc Smoke out the exhaust sounds more like your turbo than head gaskets.
  12. The gasket's, are a pair of Subaru # 11044AA114 The other is the ebay item number that you would search for on ebay. # 141665882014 That particular seller is where I buy all my subi head gaskets .
  13. Here is an ebay item # ( 141665882014 ) for original equipment gasket set $86.00 delivered
  14. Hi Ray ; I show the 90 -98 2.2 using the 11044AA114 gaskets