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  1. I would not attempt changing over. You would need the ecm and the harness. Non turbo 2.5 would be sohc Smoke out the exhaust sounds more like your turbo than head gaskets.
  2. The gasket's, are a pair of Subaru # 11044AA114 The other is the ebay item number that you would search for on ebay. # 141665882014 That particular seller is where I buy all my subi head gaskets .
  3. Here is an ebay item # ( 141665882014 ) for original equipment gasket set $86.00 delivered
  4. Hi Ray ; I show the 90 -98 2.2 using the 11044AA114 gaskets
  5. If your one daughter's 96 is an outback it "could" have the 2.5 dohc Pulling the engine on one of those years is very straight forward. 1-2 hrs
  6. On the 2000-2004 outback's ,the front drain tubes are visible with the front sunroof open. The rears can be reached with an extended blow gun from the open rear sunroof. The reason to drop the headliner is as follows. The channels that the water runs in to reach those tubes , can leak at their seams. Resealing the seams with silicon stops that. Also small hose clamps on each drain tube can stop leakage as well. Very common for water to back up and fill the map light housing, then dripping out as you drive. I currently still own a sunroof car (the wife's) Once she decides to let that one go … I'll never own one again. Other than the extra light in the winter , we never open them.
  7. This is a sunroof car then ? If you go to remove the headliner be aware they used Velcro in places near the sun roof. I recommend trying air pressure in the drain tubes before pulling your headliner. Also headliner's stain very easy from dirty fingers … use gloves.
  8. If it mixed bad enough, then there is most likely bearing damage. Otherwise, if you think its ok , flush it out , then use #642 Subaru head gaskets . Myself , I would search out a replacement motor.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Genuine-Subaru-PCV-Valve-Impreza-Forester-Outback-Legacy-WRX-STI-XT-OEM/132817578967? hash=item1eec8b6bd7:g:7w4AAOSw0e9U1oiJ that is the 2002 up and this is the early one https://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-OEM-Subaru-PCV-Valve-Impreza-Forester-Outback-Legacy-SVX-Loyale-WRX-NEW/132746993512?hash=item1ee8565f68:g:rDkAAOSwNSxU5Szp
  10. Checked several times each day ! Glad its back !
  11. Milty; Hill holders work great! They had them in the older subi's glad to here they brought them back! The clutch pedal moving is what releases the brake... at least it was on the older ones.
  12. We are talking about a 2003 2.5 sohc. They drip coolant/oil and overheat from a lack of coolant . A 2.5 dohc has a poor seal at the fire ring and boils coolant and that creates air pockets.