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  1. Pay a little more and buy a japan made or a US made valves. Avoid the china made . Use subaru # 642 mls head gaskets
  2. Oh , the tensioner piece you helicoiled is replaceable. Three bolts I think , much safer to replace this than trust a helicoil. Wrecking yard or the dealer , money & time well spent
  3. You are using the correct mark on the crankshaft. You already have the valve cover off . Reach down and try to wiggle the rockers. A bent valve will show as a very loose rocker. Or something fell in a sparkplug hole.
  4. Check the large connectors at the pass side bell housing. Make sure they are snapped in correctly.
  5. My work vehicle is a 2000 rust free 5 speed car. currently at 311,000. I routinely drive 4 hrs or more one way to work. I would drive it to Caribou, Maine or Key West FL today. Yes it uses oil as well. Clean or change the pistons. Use new NPR rings. As long as they are not allowed to get hot they are truly 400-500,000 mile motors. Tell tale on these motors is a rod bearing rattle at startup and also noticeable at float rpms while driving. If you start hearing that, start looking for a replacement longblock.
  6. I'm 5' 11" in a 2000-04 outback wagon. With seats laid flat, I can sleep on the diagonal. Head up behind drivers seat . Its not fun but it dry and warmer than on the ground. The awd system is awesome, will get you anyplace you need to be. I would not bother trying to raise one, they shouldn't need it. Of course I can't recommend a Honda CR-v here on the Subaru forum... would be a sacrilege !
  7. Hi Mark; There is a fiber doughnut on the last cat. The resonator pipe is cupped attaches with 2 bolts with springs. You will want a new doughnut and a new pair of springs and bolts. Changing is not to hard. Expect the spring bolts to be frozen and break.
  8. You can flat tow a 5 speed car as long or as far as you like.
  9. Remove the two large bolts from the strut housing. Turning the nuts not the bolt. Mark the top one as it needs to be in exactly the same position on reassembly. Whole knuckle rolls outward. Plenty of room to swap axles
  10. I live in that general area.Clean rust free subi's live here. If it had a clean title you might get $800-1000 for it. A fifteen year old forester with a rebuilt title with a blown no core block, has a value of around $500 around here. Your money ahead to get a used engine from Spauldings or pull and save and pay someone to install it.
  11. If you do have the security system and you don't want it. It can be unplugged. Location varies, but I have found several to be along side the stereo under the trim.
  12. They make machines to test injectors. I've never had access to one. Here's what I do. Remove each injector. Place a foot long rubber tube (fuel line) over the inlet. Fill tube with liquid , I generally use Kroil but gas works , it just tastes crappy. This is easier with a helper but I do it alone more often than not. You will need power and ground wires attached to the battery. Apply power and ground to the injector terminals while blowing pressure into the fuel line. If your injector is clean you will get a spray of liquid ,if they are shot liquid will dribble, spit out . Its very obvious when you find a bad one. If you look for used ones. be aware that automatics and standards use different injectors.
  13. Drop the exhaust from the heads and unbolt the motor mounts. Jack up the motor and the valve covers come right off.