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  1. Drain and fill, could take 3 times to get all the old fluid out. Safer than power flushing. Filter on the outside of trans is supposed to be lifetime BUT... if you change it only use an original one.
  2. Just lining up the cams may not be enough. I brought a 96 2.2 in the shop last week for a timing belt set. Both cams lined up perfect ... at the crank it was almost at 1 o'clock ! Still ran just fine ....without pulling the center cover you would need to visually set the crank keyway at the six o'clock position to get close enough to claim the timing was sort of on. It's worth looking at just to be sure. Yes the tps is suspect. If possible try another. 99 2.2 ,does it have a MAF in the fresh air intake ? If so and you have another , swap it out. This kind of problem can make you go bald, ripping your hair out and banging your head against the wall. Any chance a connector isn't snapped all the way on / together ? go back thru and check them all, one not quite snapped in would give you intermittent operation.
  3. Dan: Important thing is the final drive ratio. Also is that it has a Hydrolic push clutch rather than a cable pull clutch. Your 2000 outback should be 4:11 at the tranny and rear end . I "THINK" the imprezza is the same but you must find out or it won't drive. Call foreign engines in coeur D alene 800 552 1595. They are Japanese importers. They sell engines and trannys (for more $ than you want to spend)... But they are really nice folks and they will gladly tell you if the imprezza tranny will fit. Or call pull in save in North Spokane, about what they may have ... the south lot hardly has any subi's , but the north lot is loaded.
  4. You'll have to remove the assembly from the car (relatively easy). At that point you will be able to hand rotate the top cap and see how it feels. If you feel anything ... I recommend replacement. If It feels smooth but loose attempting to squirt grease in could prolong its life. But... if you have it out why not replace it. To replace you need to disassemble (not so easy).
  5. I agree about the air flow ... however little that might be. I think they put the lower cover and the large plastic top covers on , so when the buyer opens the hood it looks FULL (even though it isn't) Consumer wants to think he is getting something for $20,000 +
  6. Confirm your fuel pump is putting out , also make sure your getting full voltage at battery , the fuel pump won't run past the start position if voltage is down. Pop the rear seat up and check if power is reaching the fuel pump. Double check all your grounds. If it idles fine for 5 seconds , I doubt that it is a vacuum / disconnected line issue. Fuel or electric is my guess.
  7. Not that I've ever noticed. Been removing them for years. I guess the bottom of the motor can get splashed ... big deal..
  8. They will come out the bottom. You'll want to pull the heat shield and pull the entire drive shaft out. Put a baggy over the end snout and secure with a zip tie .I find it easier to pull the motor first. Lots more working / wiggle room that way. Can't help you about the 6 speed , I'm sure someone else has that information.
  9. I think maybe the imprezza had a power light... The clunking I would check your tranny and motor mounts. The steering, definitely check and tighten the belt.
  10. Right now your car is worth little more than scrap metal. If your broke park it. Other wise haul it south and get it fixed correctly.... chances are the dealer would screw it up.
  11. Take it south to GD's shop and let him put a new motor in .
  12. I think so, $40.00 extra for piece of mind. The one I installed last year is running fine ... but still, I can't afford to have comebacks. Not so much the money but reputation . 200858175013 ebay item # $266 with branded belt