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  1. Well I have bought a new rebuilt one thru ebay, over $400 but is in the wifes car has grease-able ujoints and has performed 4-5 years now. So have some of those used ones as well. I have heard mixed reports about the cheaper driveline's most say they are fine a few have said they are not balanced properly. I have never even checked what a Subaru one would cost.
  2. You need to remove the heat shield first , then its 6 bolts. I would change out the whole thing. I have bought several used take off drivelines over the years , run around $100 so far not one has come back.
  3. Well I can tell you that the cam and crank sensors can be different between auto and manual trannys no matter which motor you use. And they are very different motors. The 99 2.2 leaves a lot to be desired,it is an interference motor and it has oil use issues ... it doesn't hold a candle to the 96 -90 non interference motor. I would get a 2002 -04 2.5 for it.
  4. Look for an 00-04 outback or an 05 baja. These will still use a cable feed throtle. Watch out for a 2004 California emission car,which is the very first of the drive by wire cars.
  5. Every time you are in a parking lot and you see a nice subi , ask where they get their work done. Sooner or later you will locate the hidden subi shop. There will be one somewhere. I know this because, I am the hidden subi shop around here. I get referrals all the time and I hear the same thing. OMG why didn't I find you sooner! Nobody else around here knows how to work on my Subaru ! Why don't you advertise??? Easy I don't need to. Quality Subaru work advertises itself !
  6. Did you change the engine temperature control? Located on water jacket under intake manifold on pass side. (pick and pull) Knock sensor ? driver side under intake manifold ?(pick and pull) Did you check timing ? Have you done a compression test ? Have the valves ever been adjusted ?
  7. Haven't cleaned a cv and done a boot in many years now. On a personal vehicle that you see the boot get ripped and disassemble that day you most likely can save the joint. After that I change the axle. When a car rolls in my shop now, no way could I afford to change boots. ( I did it all the time in the 1980's) around here with gravel roads the damage is already done before they can drive it here. To answer your question... flush with clean solvent and blow out with clean air. Wear a face shield ... no fumes to speak of but lots of splash.
  8. Burned valve and it would be shaking at idle , most likely show a misfire code. Compression test would show that. So far in over 30 years messing with subarus and I personally have not seen a dropped guide, even when I was dirt circle track racing and seriously over reving at times, the heads always held together... more than I can say for a few pistons though .
  9. Less than 30 miles at less than 25 mph. All four tires on the ground, engine off. It should be in the owners manual. I've done this numerous times with no damage.
  10. No not at all. Just make sure its the correct trans. Do not pinch any wires while installing .And DO NOT dent the tranny pan, by jacking with out a 2x4 to spread the weight. As Tex mentioned only put a subaru filter on the outside of that tranny!
  11. On 2001 Outbacks ) The 5 speed cars were 4:11) the 4cly cars were 4:44 )the6 cly cars are 4:11 On 2001 Legacy) non turbo cars 5 speed and auto are 4:11 Won't be a drop in. Not sure on turbos. The id numbers near the starter will, if decoded tell you what you have and what you need.
  12. option 5) Wrecking yard , get a used one they last for years. option 4) is a good choice also.
  13. Lots of choices) Bad plug / bad coil / bad injector / Shorting out , (view in the dark )/ valve adjustment . Checked compression ? Looked at the plug in #4 ? Is it throwing a #4 misfire code ? My guess, as it temp cleared up with new wires , is the coil.