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Life without Starlink

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I got a free trial period of Starlink. I can't find much in it that I care about. I sure don't

want to listen to Howard Stern. But, since it came included, I was just wondering what is left if

I turn it off. Do I still have a FM/AM radio. Can I still play CD's? There is nothing in the apps

that I need or want. Does my hands free phone still work? Starlink lists 8 ways to make a phone

call. Who needs it? It's confusing. I wonder how many cars run off the road trying to make a call

with Starlink? Is there a way to just turn it off for a while so I can see the difference? Do I really

need a program that take 224 pages to explain how to use it?

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all the subscription covers is the on call services and satellite radio. everything else will work fine.

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Actually starlink doesn't cover XM radio (satellite radio)

It does the call center for roadside and emergency. It also does some other minor stuff but that's the jist.


XM is a separate company and has a separate subscription.


As for what you'll lose. Nothing. Just the call center service

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