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Hit a you pull and pay and grab the complete unit.  Have to drop the headliner.



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Imdew is correct. Find a wreck from the same generation in a junk yard and you can save hundreds. Realize that if you're handy, there are only 4 bolts/nuts that hold the glass to its mechanism. Undo them, being careful to keep the shims underneath the glass roof for their replacement in the same locations when you put the new glass in place. (shims put the glass at the correct height to match the steel roof opening)


I've replaced/repaired many of these over the years, and its not rocket science.


Here's a source (FREE) for a download of the factory service manual. Copy the link into your browser, click Forester, find your year and download the entire service manual.


Then check the sunroof section to see what I mean. Its page 3125 or SR-5 (sun roof 5). Good Luck!



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Used. Junk yard, eBay. They are easy and don’t fail often enough to warrant new.


Last 00-04 outback I did was $50 for the entire sunroof and they’re crazy easy to swap out. Local shop can do this in less than an hour so $150 high end for install/fees if you take them the part.


Or just grab basic tools and DIY.

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