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I bought a 1996 outback with 160k miles on it. After driving it for awhile i noticed torque binding and AT light come on. Did the diagnose and received a solenoid c(Transfer valve) code.Decided to give it a go and replaced the Solenoid. everything went fine,so i thought, until i tried driving off the ramps.Car would not go into any moving gear,park and neutral work GREAT.  SO i figured i screwed up somewhere and started tearing it all apart again. I went to drain tranny fluid and hardly anything came out. Decided to poor some more in with the plug open and see if it would drain out.Nothing. im at a loss of what it could be.Any thoughts?

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Are you putting in Fluid in on the Drivers side behind the Starter?


The dipstick/fill tube is kind of hidden.  If you fill the passenger side towards the front of the Trans, you filled the FWD Diff with trans fluid. 


Drain it and refill with gear lube.


You are not the first to make this mistake.

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I replied on another forum. Verify ATF dipstick, ATF drain plug and make sure the trans has ATF before you start the engine. Make absolutely sure. There are ATF, engine oil, and front diff drain plugs and dipsticks. You’re likely confusing them.


Look in the owners manual

Download free FSMs online

Google it

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