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2010 Forester with 90000 miles.


About 3000 miles ago I changed the power steering fluid with the Dexron III.  Everything was fine but recently it developed a problem: when the motor is cold the power steering starts binding.  To avoid binding I put the transmission in neutral, raise the RPMs a little and the problem goes away.  I do not experience any problems with the warm engine.


YouTube search shows that I probably have sticking valves in the power steering rack and recommends Seafoam TransTune. 

Has anybody used it? 

Will it help?

And the main question: did I cause it?


I am looking for some help/suggestion,


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14 hours ago, 1 Lucky Texan said:

no experience with models this new, but both my soobs began sucking air into the fluid - visible bubbles/foaming in the reservoir. They both whined, the WRX had 'pulsing' vibration in steering wheel.

Thanks Texan!


Have you found the point where the air was entering the system?

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While checking everything out I also checked the belt that I installed about 5K miles ago.  It looked fine but I decided that a little more tension will not hurt.


That fixed everything.  Apparently it slipped a little with the engine cold.  Now everything is back to normal.  My thanks go to @1 Lucky Texan for the idea of checking the hoses, etc.

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