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EA82 optical distrib OH


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Here's some tips for rebuilding your EA82 optical distributor. I've had the optical pickup crap out causing bucking while accelerating before.

Not fun when your far from home. And embarrassing cause you look like a stick shift NOOB.

First remove 2 screws & dust cover for optical pickup. Then remove center screw. Remove upper retainer then disc being careful not to bend it. Remove locating tabbed disc & spring washer with "D" hole in it. 



"T" shaped optical disc retainer is a slip fit on shaft. Might have to use a very small 2 jaw puller if gummed up like mine was. Once "T" retainer is out of the way remove 3 screws retaining optical pickup.


Note orientation of two tabs & alignment of hole in distrib driven gear. Hole must line up with nub on bottom of distrib + LH tab in uppermost pic pointing toward optical pickup.



Note that there is a nub on side of distributor above mounting flanges & it aligns with nub at bottom. Alignment hole is to left of my  thumb at right angle to pin punch.  


Remove bottom connector from distrib body(2 screws) & pry gently with screwdriver if needed. Remove 3 retaining screws from optical module & lift it out. 

Upper distrib shaft brg is retained with 2 screws with captive washers. Remove driven gear spring pin (be careful not to lose it - its odd sized metric) & pull gear off. Press shaft out from bottom.


Had to retap mine to 6-32 thread because old hardware was pretty corroded & stripped the threads in aluminum distrib body. Bottom shaft brg is a bushing so just need a little oil.

Upper brg is Nachi 6200-2NSE9:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/6200-2NSE9-NACHI-bearing-6200-2NSE-seals-6200-2RS-bearings-6200-RS-Japan/131652289255?hash=item1ea71682e7:g:MpYAAOSwvt1WR23i

Optical pickup is Standard Motor Products LX-653.

Can be had here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Standard-LX-653-Distributor-Ignition-Pickup-FITS-NISSAN-SUBARU-INFINITY-MERCURY/262568795460?fits=Make%3ASubaru&hash=item3d2251dd44:g:ObUAAOSww4NXqNFE

"Exploded" hardware pic


Tabbed drive disc, optical shutter disc only fit on one way so there's slim chance of misalignment. BUT distrib driven gear hole must be aligned with nub & LH tab in upper disc toward optical pickup head. 

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