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03 impreza wrx ej20 tuning questions...

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Ive been doing some research trying to figure out the right way to tune this car. Ive got the open source cable to plug in the laptop. Did a log on romraider with fueling final base,  rpm,  and throttle opening angle.  Now that i have that how do i calculate my AFR adjustments? 


3' turbo back catless downpipe 

Short ram3" k&n cone intake 

Top mount intercooler (not sure if thats a mod or stock) 

I believe every thing else is stock. Not 100% sure what front 02 sensor is there, either wideband or narrow 

Also i have CEL p0171 engine too lean

This is my favorite forum and that's why i posted on here 1st before going elsewhere.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 

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Oh boy...

First thing I would do is not adjust anything just yet.  Jump over to the "Engine Management and Tuning" forum over on NASIOC.  You have much to learn before you start reprogramming your ECU.  (To start off, you're not even logging the appropriate channels.)

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Yea....  After i opening the rom file, i noticed that i didnt log the right channels, i havent changed anything yet. And i haven't been able to find a base map either, the romraider forum seemed lacking in recent replys. And id rather learn this stuff then spend $300 on a map, that i have to adjust anyways

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