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Forester won't start - rapid click - 2016

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I have a 2016 forester with 60,000 miles; purchased new in July 2015.

This morning I drove 30 minutes, parked at a store for 30 minutes, then the car wouldn't start.  The starter wasn't turning slowly - just the sound of a rapidly clicking solenoid.  The car started when someone gave me a jump.

When I got home the battery voltage was 13.33 volts with the car off, and 14.27 volts with the car on.  After being parked in my garage for two hours, the battery voltage [with car off] is 13.03 volts and the car starts fine.

Without disconnecting any battery cables, I cannot see any meaningful corrosion at the electrical connections.

Any ideas as to what might be causing this?

Thanks in advance!

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This could be a warning that the battery is failing. I suggest you have it checked and it would also be a good idea to clean the battery connections using the proper cleaning brush. What matters is the battery post contact surfaces, not the outside clamp surfaces. They may not be an issue but by doing that you will know for sure that they are making good connection.

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