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Looking like the door is closing. Thanks

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THANKS EVERYBODY. I’ll still be involved , still retain a few essentials for a potential car down the line , but I’m not keeping much and I’m NOT going to be selling parts. Not 1970’s anyways. 

Enjoy your summer northern hemisphere !! 




Tons of 1970’s New old stock and great used parts. 

Most of you have seen this before. I was hoping I had a sale on my posted lot earlier this year but it has not happened. 

Milford CT if you can drive on over you’ll leave here happy if you own a 1972-79 Leone GL DL GL1400 Coupe , or gen one Brat. 

For the new people - the old folks have seen this all too much - I have a LOT of New Old Stock that’s genuine Subaru parts. Call it OEM or NOS or whatever you’d like. It’s real and here for you through my efforts.

Any used parts were saved because they were plenty fine and had life left. 

Some of the items you are welcome to purchase and also you are welcome to make a deal on a large lot. Get here , we’ll pull stuff outside , and make a deal. 

ATK crate engine rebuild for dealers and shop. Ready to start a fresh life. Widecase last revision of the 1600 EA71 so it applies to 79+ but is also able to drop in for earlier 1977 1978 and 1979 narrow case (external water). This engine is INTERNAL WATER like it’s later EA81 cousin. Zero miles. Longblock ready for your intake. 
Looking for $750

Ken has dibs on this one but in case he changes his mind or in case you have a fatter wallet - 

shortblock EA71 1600 was done for an ultralight flyer guy. He and I did an exchange. Bored .040 over and I’m sure trustworthy as he was going to fly with it. He’s got it locked at $300 

And a complete 1600 EA71 early version with external water , I pulled this engine and it’s a 94k or thereabouts engine. Complete with intake and carb. 
Probably just drop in and go but I’d be smart and give it a good tune up etc , seals , valve rocker cover gaskets , that sort of stuff. 
$450 takes it. Place that money in my hand and I’ll gladly include what I can for new seals and gaskets. In fact I have a partial full kit I’d happily include for peace of mind. So you’d have a non leaker for sure when you plugged it in. 

Fenders , a mix of New and old. And both stages. 1972-77 stage one and stage two 1977 through 79 and 81 for Brat. $125-250 

Front valance (lower skirt) for 4WD wagon and BRAT - new $200 , used $75 - 100

Glass - just about every one you can think of. Also have front windshields. $30 and up , that’s not $30 per piece. There is a rare Coupe windshield there. $$

All sorts of parts like exhaust , wheels , lights , switches , gasket kits , brake kits , so much it’s like the title says. 

I’m tired kids. And rent went up so my prices aren’t going lower. 

As was mentioned first off , and for over a year now , get here first and make the best deal if you’re wanting to buy a large lot. 

Jason from NC made the drive. It’s your turn now. 
Weather is best now. Won’t be for long though. 


Read the top. Edited memorial weekend 2021 

Sale of lot. This thread will be dead. 



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Selling the lot !
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Here we go into 2021. 
Situation still the same. I have lots of parts , much of which is new old stock that I’m looking to move along. 

Focusing on my bikes and getting out of Subarus other than daily drivers. I’ll be back someday. Saving what I feel I’ll need or will help for when I get back into the game. 

Due to the expensive rent at storage I’m wanting to trim down and need to rid my holdings of decades of Subaru dedication. 

Feel free to send a Private Message regarding any items for 1970-1979 cars and gen one Brat. 

No 80’s parts other than random oddball items that pop up from nowhere. So please don’t ask about 80’s , 90’s , or later. 1970’s only. Thanks for looking.

Fenders , both sides , stage one and two 1972-77 and 1977-79+Brat80-81 you knew that.

Have a couple NEW , and the used ones are plenty fine. 

Beyond fenders I have literally a ton of more of parts. Boxes of new old stock stuffed with all sorts of items. Wheels - 4x140 of course and the early 4.5 width. Basic steels but these were early take offs and show close to new. Easy clean up.

Crate engine rebuilt by ATK for dealers and shops 1600 widecase with internal water passage like the 1800.

Complete 1600 from a 1979 low miles like 94k , ran well. Comes with intake and carb and I think maybe the brackets and alternator too. Stored inside these last 20 years. I’d trust it to drop in but naturally since it’s out you can do as you wish for refresh.

Transmissions - a couple or more of the single range on demand 4WD , and there’s one five speed FWD too. Also have rear differentials will include free with transmission. Otherwise $20 (rear diff.) because I just need things gone that take up space and are heavy. 

Lots more. Happy New Year .....yes I’m laughing too. 

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Spring primer !! 
Nice day yesterday , not bad today either but just not enough time yet.

Soon , keep watching the weather for Milford CT. Make your plans , have your empty vehicle gassed up , pack a lunch or enjoy the multitude of eateries near by. 


If you dare you can check out a couple primer videos on face dook in the Classic 4x140 or GTFO group and also the Vintage Subaru Parts group or whatever it’s called. You’ll find it easily.

I posted videos there just to raise awareness. Pretty soon I’ll have time and weather and get all the personal stuff out and expose the items YOU WANT TO SEE !!! 

Mask or no mask I am not paranoid as kind as we are all with common sense I see no issues. Make the drive. I know you’ll leave happy ! 

1970’s new old stock and great used and a rebuilt 1600 in Crate from ATK , also a complete 1600 ready to drop in loaded with intake and alternator drop in and go. Fenders , some new , front valance new and used Brat and 4WD wagon , glass mostly NEW and yes a couple Used windshield front , also rear for wagons , solid Brat rear, rear quarter glass for HT and likely Coupe , door glass for sedans and wagons and more. Might have a new gasket still. I handled those two purchases we as a group acquired from PRP. So much more. 

COVID screwed now time to move on. I need to finally off this lot so DEALS WELCOME ON THE LOT. 
I was at $2800 for what I wanted to let go of which is like 98% of what I have. 

Otherwise stop on by. 

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Friendly reminder. Easy to reach like Rockaway Beach.

Seriously , others have made the drive. Give it some consideration while there may still be parts you’d want/need but would rather see in person before buying , or would rather not pay outrageous shipping for.

Hope you are all well and hope the fear hasn’t prevented you from coming here. All healthy , no issues within my family for virus etc. 

Just a few seconds off exit 35 of I-95 in Milford CT.


Whats left ?? Top of my head ramble list ...fenders stage one and two both sides quantities vary. Engines EA71 first and second editions one complete , one a longblock ATK rebuild in crate for dealers , boxes of small item New Old Stock genuine factory parts , some wagon rear bench seats, front valance Brat and 4WD wagon , 4WD transmissions gen one Brat and wagon , a five speed FWD transmission , front A bar I think one is gen one and maybe even stage one , and the other is either gen two or late gen one. Also starters, alternators, new side molding , some new bumpers , more. 

Still willing to make a sweet deal on a big lot. 

Hope to see you soon. 

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