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Ej22 starts immediately dies

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Hey guys! You all have been super helpful throught out my swap.1990 Ej22 into a 82 brat Tonight I was finally able to attempt a start and low and behold it will start. The problem is it won't run for any amount of time after I let off the ignition. All the vacuum hoses are hooked up well. I'm thinking possibly my wiring still. Any other ideas??


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Make sure you have ignition power to the ECU, rather than just power when in the start position. 

Quick test: put ignition into ON position, check that the ECU has power/is on (CEL should be lit up too). 

My initial thought as I read your issue. 

Other one that caught me out is the IACV hose under the intake - make sure it’s connected. If not it will run for several seconds then stall. 



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