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They’re about the worst turbo engine to modify, prone to overheat, and crack the heads between the valve seats.

Have great cooling.

Delta makes cams. Bigger more modern turbo and adequately monitor temps with only small boost increases 

If you mean anything more than a small changes and a small psi boost, Start grabbing any spare blocks you can find because most people that mod these go through a few blocks trying. 

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As someone who has had intimate knowledge with this engine, I would say its a poor choice. Questionable reliability even in stock form. As mentioned above, if it overheats the least it will do is blow the headgaskets. Worse case - crack the head(s).

I ran a turbo from a WRX (TD04) for a while, until I blew the ring lands off a piston. If there was a decent engine management system for these engines (not cheap for any of them), it might make a difference. You will have better results with the next gen of engines - the EJ22 from early Legacys and Imprezas. Even the NA version can be turboed with low boost and there are cheaper engine management systems available. The EJ22 is non interference and basically bullet proof and you can find lots of them in wrecking yards

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