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Door handle compatibility gen 1 vs gen 2

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Recently bought a gen 1 sedan. Unfortunately drivers door handle is broken and so is passenger door external lock.

Will the door locks and external handles from a Gen 2 Brumby/Brat fit a late 1980 Gen 1 sedan? From my reading here it seems they will.




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On 12/17/2021 at 8:10 PM, moosens said:

I’d say no they don’t interchange.


Plenty of parts hoarders out there. Good luck. 

So, took the gamble on a 1984 Brumby/Brat door handle. Fits perfectly. They are exactly the same part besides a slight pattern difference on the face of the handle.

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Also, from further research I did it looks as though a Datsun 510 handle should fit in terms of the mounting and mechanism attachment, however they are slightly more diagonal on the side profile and as such are wider at the bottom of the handle. I suspect this would interfere with the Subaru door handle recess.

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