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New to the Site and Impressed as Heck I can't find any sites that are still being used in the past 5 years like they all stopped and I know there's subie lovers like me out there!!! Can't wait to read some stuff

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I guess I'm supposed to submit a topic but I thought this was just a meet and greet to introduce yourself. I guess I'll do both. My name is Jeff in Omaha Nebraska!! Me and 3 buddies happen to all have subaru's. I have a 2013 Legacy base  sedan and there's a 2010 Outback that's got a small lift and some extras and stuff,. I want to get into some of that but need to get it right first. I am going ot look for the issue I am having in your forums cuz my check engine light came on last night and so did the cruise light and brake light both are flashing at me which I have read now that it's to get our attention because the car runs great with 104k Miles and I heard it's a loose gascap a lot and I put a new headlight in which if you have one of these you know that SUCKS but I can do it blindfolded now with no jack or anything I've changed them so many times. I thought that may do the trick I needed to replace the headlamp for about 4 days so that got changed but it still has the flashing lights. People say that tons of stuff from loose gas caps to headlights needing replaced can cause it and that tons of people go to the Dealer and the notorious code is the CAT Coverter so that's 1200 bucks I don't have and who knows most of the old posts I find say they put good gas in and made sure the cap was tight and the lights all went off!!! So I'm lost if anyone can tell me. I don't have a code I'm getting ready to go to a parts shot and have them look at it so I at least know what the reason is. I need to find a bumper cover if anyone knows of one cuz it's low to the ground and it started with a crack and now it's just crappy looking but no body damage. So anyway I'm glad to be here. 

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if you own a smartphone, an inexpensive adapter to read trouble codes can be had for under 50-60 bucks. Vpeak makes some, check amazon. Some apps are free like Piston or torque lite.

a P0420 code has cat conv in its definition, but often something like an exhaust leak or vacuum leak or rodent chewed wiring or ??? can be the real cause. Never assume a trouble code points directly to a part - it is a symptom.


you might also  like to read-up over at www.subaruoutback.org - also great folks

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Are you losing any coolant ?  Can you see any air bubbles in the recovery bottle ?  If so it may be Head gasket If none of those things you can go on line and Search for oxy sensor extension/ adapter put one on a 2008 outback and it worked no lights.

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