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Hi everyone,

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My name is Alexis, I’m french. I just discovered this forum, it looks promising !

I own an Outback 2 H6 for 7 years now and I’m very happy, it’s an incredible car, especially on the snow.
It’s an important part of our life because it allows us to life in a remote place in french Pyrénées, even with the progressive end of public snow-removal services.
First, it was 2001 green and gold, but 3 years ago a tired french driver destroyed it, the car died but all the family didn’t even realise how violent was the impact.
Facing how hard it was to find another H6 in France, we bought one (2002 full black) with a dead engine, and my brother swaps it with our, in the process we rebuild it entirely.
It took about 2 years, but now the car is working quite well, we are still fixing a few issues, mainly due to the fact that the new car spent almost 10 years dying in a field, but no fear, it’s a Subaru !


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Welcome to the forum @aKro

Tidy lookI got outback you have there. Do the roads get salted out your way? It’s an illegal practice here in Australia with the small yet highly sensitive alpine country we have (yes it snows in Australia every year, just not the same quality as the rest of the world, we often ski on slush or ice…). I’ve read that many parts of the states salt their roads and the vehicles on those roads pay for it with severe tin worm. 



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