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Legacy springs on Outback struts - Lift?


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Edit: The '97 L springs work fine w/the new OB KYB struts I bought. The spring perch on the struts provides the lift. I'm guessing it's pretty close to the same as an OB. Here's the final product with the stock OB 205/70R15 Tires/wheels. Only 'issue' is that since I didn't install the OB rear trailing arms (?) the rear tire gets pulled in closer to the fender, but not a problem on the stock size tires. 



Picked up a '97 Legacy L Wagon for cheap to fix the engine. Has a 150K miles.

It needs struts and I can buy cheap KYB's on Rockauto or Ebait for the OB, AND I'll be able to run a bigger tire (but just the stock-ish - 205/70R15 or 215/60R16). 

Will the Legacy Springs on the OB Struts provide any lift?   

Tangent: I put a 215/60r16 Forester spare on my Legacy and it clears the front and rear lower strut perch, but the back is close - both the top and inside of the tire. 


Also, I'd usually just buy the complete strut assemblies from the local PullNSave yard, but have had bad luck w/those as they all have a ton of miles. 

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