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Anyone familiar with a stage two 4WD wagon fuel tank ?

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In the process of removing tank for complete clean and seal. I don’t think it makes a difference but this wagon is a 1979. 

Mostly concerned that the front outlet is kind of clogging at it drains , not such an issue but when I shove a wooden swab in the spout it’ll flow better but still not great. 

I can feel something in there. Maybe debris. The old gas is just filthy at the bottom of the tank but what little I was able to siphon off the top was bright yellow/green. This gas has been in this tank since supposedly around 1981 but I think maybe a few years later. Car had been on jackstands since 88 they said. So for sure before then. 

Does this tank have any baffle inside ? 

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That makes sense. Thanks ! 

My first thought was that one of his grandkids stuck something down the filler tube. 

After this nap I’m going full force on getting this tank safely down. 

Hey while I’ve got your attention, if you see a good filler tube, large rubber inlet hose, or sending unit for a wagon I’d be interested. Mine may all survive but for sure the rubber should be replaced, and I just expect the almost 40 years of gas to have an ill effect on the sending unit. 


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Coming along now. I have the filler tube rubber hose removed and tank about 99% drained. The metal filler tube does have a flapper at the base of the tube but I’m guessing my siphon hoses just didn’t want to make the bends. I recommend the pump siphon at AutoZone and not so much the harbor fright version. 

Once the tank is down I will investigate the inside and why mostly black crap flowed from the front spigot. Lots of weird stuff about this car. 

At least one person asked me if I was going to “just see if it fires up” but I’m very happy to take the long way on this one. It would have been a disaster to draw the fuel from this tank into the engine. Anyways....

If anyone ventures into FB and the 4x140 or GTFO Classic Subaru group you’ll be able to see pics of the old gasoline (1980’s!) and some of the process of bringing this car back to roadworthy. 

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Tank is down and ready to send out for complete treatment. Should last a few decades - we hope. 

And there is NO baffle and nothing should have been obstructing the flow while emptying the front spout. It was just clogged with crap. 

Feel free to delete. All set , moving on. 

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Off to Moyer Fuel Tank RENU if Pennsylvania. 

For those in the future wishing to do the same my tank shipped wrapped in cardboard - not a proper rectangular box but wrapped and well taped. Overall dimensions were right around 34” x 24” x 8” and weighed 27/28lbs. FedEx handled this one after my boycotting them for a few years. Their charge to me was $56.34 today 10/18/2022 from Stratford CT to Greensburg PA

Will add a review when it returns which should be in only 2-3 weeks they told me. 

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