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Free wagon carcass 1979 DL FWD in CT very soon

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I posted this on the dreaded face boob in the appropriate Subaru groups. Here it’s not likely to get much attention but here goes.

It will be a NON ROLLING,  NON POWERED carcass. My plan is to remove and keep the front suspension in entirety so nothing left there. And for the rear I’m sure I’ll be removing anything that might assist my upcoming projects. 

Most likely this will end up scrap. But I figured I’d offer it around the community. 

Already missing the rear hatch and it’s pretty trashed inside. 

This would be for the person who is interested in a funky project. 

Naugatuck Connecticut is the likely location. I’ll update if that changes. Plan is to have the car dropped there this week and within a week have it gone. So please act fast. I canNOT hold the car. 

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While this first post remains true and in waiting yet another brown wagon has come my way.

Due to get my hands on it later this week or early next week. Then I’ll have a better assessment of what I’ll be doing with it. But from what I’ve seen this appears to be another BODY I won’t be needing. 

Again , I am waiting to see but this wagon might be front wheel drive. 

So two bodies will be available most likely between now and end of summer. 

Original posting car sits in Norwich CT and will need to be hauled from there.

This additional wagon I’m still not sure where I’m dragging it but likely Naugatuck CT where the next owner can pick it up.

Will add more details soon.

But please keep in mind these cars will be extremely picked over and likely will NOT ROLL. So bring some type of dolley or big log or whatever gets it rolled onto your hauler. 

Message here or email me at moosens@yahoo.com 

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