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My Old 1983 Subaru GL Sedan

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My mother loves this car. I must admit that it handles very well and still drives beautifully!


We have a problem, however. My mother was in an accident awhile back, and the car, while drivable, need repair if it is to pass the safety inspection in October.


Naturally, no one wants to repair such an old car. I have decided to try to take it to our local Community college, which as an Automotive Technology program. Perhaps the students there won't mind fixing it so they can learn.


Finding parts is another matter. The bumper is all askew, and the headlight and turn signal light on the passenger side is busted.


Should I try e-bay for parts? I've looked at several auto body parts sites on the web and cannot find what I need.


It may not look pretty, but the car drives so well, that I'd hate to lose it! It still has a lot of life left in it. Any suggestions on where to find parts??



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Look for local wrecking yards, or junkyards. Often you'll find a place that will let you go back and take a look. Since its a 83 GL you can use the body parts from basicly any GL, DL or STD from the years 1981 to 1984... just as long as it has the same front headlight setup (some come with 2, 4 & even 5 headlights).


If that front bumper is metal, you'll need to find another metal bumper. But 1983 GL Models should have come with plastic bumpers which are just as easy (if not easier) to find.


If all else failes. PM Moosens :) I know he can get the parts you need. Probably brand spankin new with any luck.



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If it's a 2wd, then it'll have the metal bumper. That was used on all 2wd GL models from '82-'84 and 2wd GL Hatchbacks from '82-'89. Those same cars in 2wd or 4wd would have all the front-end parts you might need (grill, lights, etc.), and those same cars in any trim (DL, GL, STD) would have the right fenders and hood for you.


If all else fails, try doing a search on


Look for parts for a 1983 "Subaru-Other", and you should find what you need. I did a quick bumper search there and found 2 in WV for $30 a piece.

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