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Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to Subaru and obviously new to the forum. Just purchased the Subaru Legacy GT Limited in Obsidian Black. Still in it's break in period. Can't wait to get over that hump.


What led me to the LGT? I was recently rear ended in my Mazda Protoge5 and it was so bad that they totalled the car. I couldn't believe it! It didn't feel all that bad but then again, I guess that's what to car was suppose to do, protect the passengers. Kudos to Mazda.


Anyway, I needed to buy a car in a week and considered everything from a Civic to the Subaru. I originally wanted the Acura RSX Type S because of the relaibility and style but hated the dash. Next was the WRX and couldn't stand the interior cloth and the turbo lag. Then the guy and the dealer showed me the LGT and for a couple grand more OTD it was a done deal. I also test drove a TSX. Great car, great accel. but lacked style. The LGT isn't the best in style but it has the best all around package from looks to performance to comfort.


My only concern so far is the hood scoop and the engine getting really messy (especially with winter and snow around the corner). Does it get all that messy in there? And is there a way to prevent that from happening?


Sorry for the long winded story but just thought I'd share how I got here!


Looking forward to getting great advice from the forum!



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