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  1. Shawn, I put in a notice for a 50/ 50 split on the $475 that Mudrat still owes me, but it didn't get posted. I was wondering what the issue was. Can you give me some insight why it was flagged? Merry Christmas.


  2. northguy

    85 Brat Power issues

    Coils in the Brats are prone to failure. If your coil has been going bad, it might cause some issues similar to your situation. Just a guess. A more thorough description of the dying process might enlighten us more. Does it just die off? Or does it cut in and out? ?
  3. northguy

    Newb in Alaska

    Welcome to the board. If you go into AAA, look for a black Brat. It is my old Brat and the owner had better be taking good care of it.
  4. Kelly blue book value on your Baja is $6700 excellent condirion - Alaska prices. FYI

  5. northguy

    Wcss 13???

    Yuo, sir (and a dozen others) are more than welcomed.
  6. northguy

    Wcss 13???

    Why not B.C., or th Yukon, or Alaska?
  7. northguy


    How are things on the East coast?
  8. Sounds like it's ready for some real snow. Bring it on up.
  9. northguy

    Air Filter Fitment

    I'm sorry - Is fitment really a word? Wouldn't fit do nicely?
  10. northguy

    Not a Soob or a Toyota....

    Honda makes a good, reliable product, but I prefer the older Suzukis or the newer Arctic Cats because of their true differential lock set ups. I've taken mine to places I had no business being.
  11. northguy

    I blame SubaruJunkie...

    My back is incredibly sore. I blame subarujunkie, also.
  12. northguy

    My 2nd Rubicon Trip...

    Looks like a blast and definitely more challenging than the Eureka area in AK.