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Not sure that it matters to some here but I didn't see some of this in the specifications section at ultimatesubaru.org. I'm looking at a 1987 FSM and it has all this info in it. I figure since I'm not doing anything right now, that I may as well put this up so people can check it out as a reference in the future.


These are all 1987 Modelled cars (4-Door Sedan, Station Wagon and 3-door) curb weights.


4 door Sedan *All 2WD*


DL SPFI 5MT: 2195lbs


DL SPFI 3AT: 2255lbs


GL SPFI 5MT: 2260lbs


GL SPFI 3AT: 2295lbs


GL-10 SPFI 3AT: 2415lbs


GL Turbo MPFI 5MT: 2385lbs


GL-10 Turbo MPFI 5MT: 2435lbs


GL-10 Turbo MPFI 3AT: 2470lbs





Station Wagon *All 2Wd*


DL SPFI 5MT: 2330lbs

SPFI 5MT: 2300lbs *Puerto Rico Model*


DL SPFI 3AT: 2385lbs


GL SPFI 5MT: 2395lbs


GL SPFI 3AT: 2435lbs


GL-10 SPFI 3AT: 2535lbs


GL Turbo MPFI 5MT: 2530lbs


GL-10 Turbo MPFI 5MT: 2565lbs


GL-10 Turbo MPFI 3AT: 2595lbs




3-Door *2WD*


DL SPFI 5MT: 2240lbs


GL SPFI 5MT: 2320lbs


GL SPFI 3AT: 2360lbs


GL Turbo MPFI 5MT: 2445lbs



3-Door *4WD*


GL SPFI 5MT D/R: 2460lbs


GL SPFI 3AT: 2480lbs


Full Time 4WD RX Turbo MFPI 5MT D/R: 2640lbs




Understand that I could have made a typo somewhere. I'll correct it if I did. I'm using this as a reference as well as other curb weight posts.

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my gutted 4x4 hatch, with an ea82, and xt6 seats, weighs, 2100 lbs.


morganms 4x ea82 wagon with big tars, and a lift weighed in at 2780, but he had tools, and all kinds of crap in there.

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