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Strange Fuel Tank Noise

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There is a strange noise coming from the fuel pump area (located near fuel tank)

It is undescribable, but similar to.. (u know the syphon hoses with the marble in the end) similar vibrating noise to that.

But the strange thing is that it does it whether the car is running or not.


BTW.... is it normal to have pressure in the fuel tank, as in, when i take off the filler cap, fuel vapour hisses out.


thanks guys

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The rattle you descrebed maybe comming from the tank pressure build up in the tank. There should be a line running from the top of your tank to the Charcoal Canister so it can vent. If you know what the canister looks like try blowing down the tank vent line and see if its blocked, boht ways (to canister/to tank). Btw how long does it rattle after shutting down the engine and does it stop if you take off your filler cap? I supose there would be no point checking the cansiter if the rattle doesnot stop by taking the filler cap off.

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Is the noise it is making normal or does it indicate a problem (a blocked hose between the tank and the charcoal canister) ?

The rattle only lasts for about 10 seconds, but can happen at any time, when the car is running, when its not, and it can happen even if the car hasnt been running:banghead:


P.S. I havent been able to get the filler cap off in time to check it before it stops

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