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Having just acquired a '90 L series sports wagon, the front disc pads were down to almost nothing so were replaced. Now when braking lightly at around 50kmh (30mph) the front end shimmies (shakes) quite badly. Other than that the ride and braking is smooth, and the front wheels do not appear to be out of balance, and all the ball joints appear tight. I don't know if this problem was there before the pad change. Any suggestions, other than replacing everything by trial and (mostly) error?



DG in Oz

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usually caused by warped rotor.... you can probably see the warp with the tyre off, turn it by hand and watch the runout at the caliper


i prefer to replace rotors rather than have them turned, but usually i just wire brush the rotors.

use the grinder with a stiff wire brush to take the shine off both sides, before you put new pads in....


new pads on old polished rotor usually results in squeaky brakes....

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