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I'm looking at an Auterra A-300, but the almost $300 dollar price is a bit stiff. Anyone used one of these before?


Anyone have a good but less costly alternative for OBD II and CAN?


Here's the link for the Auterra:



Thanks for the info, Larry


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I bought the Auterra Dyno-Scan about a year ago. It is a handy little device, and runs on my Sony Clie PDA.


So far I've only used used it seriously for reading and clearing codes. But it does other wonderful things that I've only played with: it displays all sorts of readings in either digital or graphical form, and does a 'freeze-frame' of engine conditions as you drive, for later analysis.


It is a bit pricey at USD299, and there are many other cheaper scan tools.


But the Auterra Dyno-Scan certainly works....

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