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Can I swap spark plug wire 2 and 4?

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I am getting cylinder 2 misfire.


Subaru service manual seems to indicate that 1/3 and 2/4 have same resistance. Looking at spark plug wires 1/3 seem like same wire (label says 1-3) but 2 and 4 seem different (labeled 2 and 4 respectively).


Can I swap them just for test? If not, is there a simple test short of buying new wires.

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One thing I have learn from reading on this forum is that blind "replace and pray" usually leads to expensive repairs, specially CEL.


Same applies for overheating - I suspect I ended up doing head gasket job because I diagnosed the problem to thermostat, it was probably a clogged radiator. Repeated overheating lead to blown head gasket.


Here are a few things to try when one gets a CEL with cylinder misfire:


1. Swap spark plugs/spark plug wires/injector to see if the problem moves to another cylinder - if it does, you know what exactly to replace!


2. Measure the resistance of ignition coil/spark plug wires, injector connector against specs, before assuming they are bad


3. Listen to click-click of injectors to see if they are working okay.

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