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85 GL Turbo Question?

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I have a lady offering me a 85 GL Turbo($600) the has a bad automatic Transmission. She thinks she was doing 70mph in 4x4 and didn't realize it. She then said she heard a spring break. Not sure what happened, this is what she said.


My question is, I have a spare manual tranny that came out of a 85 GL non turbo, will I be able to make them work without to much trouble? Or will this turn out to be a bigger mess then I want to dive into?




I have dealt with tranny's before and know what I am somewhat doing. That is why the call us shade tree machanics~!!!!:brow:

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Actually, you won't have to swap axles.. Autos used the same spline count regardless of whether it was turbo or not.. It happens to be the same spline count as Non turbo manuals. found that out the hard way..


However, you will have to swap the rear diff.. Gearing on the auto(and turbo manual) is 3.7. gearing on the nonturbo manual is 3.9.. so you will have to get a 3.9 rear diff.. should be easy to come by, and you will have more low end oomph.. little less top end though


70mph in 4wd in a straight line shouldn't have roasted the tranny..unless there were mismatched tires or something else that would cause straight-line binding.. probably had other problems already, they just may not have manifested themselves yet.

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