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xt6 clutch/flywheel, on ea81 info

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ok, this is usualy a big problem unless you go with an ea82 style tranny. well, the reason is that the release bearing is too small to enguage the xt6 spring fingers. and you cant run the bigger xt6 bearing, because it doesnt fit on your tranny(4speed). well, i think i have a good solution. i have a guy looking for a bearing with the large surface for the xt6 fingers, and the smaller bore for our tranny shafts.


i will know for sure tomorrow, but that would mean a pretty much indestructible clutch setup, for people runing ea81s.


if there is another way, please tell me, and try not to make me feel dumb. =]

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I remember reading about Scott's search for a TO bearing for his BRAT. No clue here as to part number, but he did find one to fit his D/R-4spd and ER-27 combo.

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