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ea-81 to ej22 swap??

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Just got a ej22 and it's computer out of a 97 legacy. A friend of my family is closing his junkyard and I was able to score the two for free. The vechicle that this is going into is a lifted 85 brat. I was wondering if anyone out there who has done a ea-81 to ej22 swap has any pointers or stumbling blocks that they could share.





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you have to grab the whole wiring harness from the car as well as the engine harness if its not on the engine, try to get it before he closes his yard, yes the engine will fit but it will be very tight between the frame rails. you will need the adapter plat that mudrat79 sells or you will have to make your own, there is a good amount of info out there in dicussion already (look a couple threads down)

its not to hard to do the mechanical part of the conversion if you take your time and know how things are supposed to go together, and of course your best bet is to do a search for ej22 swap and you will have lots of reading material for info.

http://community.webshots.com/album/134929361hUEpcw/1 try this hope i did it right.




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