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  1. The 98 EJ22 is an interference engine, if crank is moving and cams aren't, then you more than likely have bent a few valves. No big deal, buy some new ones online, grab some valve grinding compound, and some valve lapping suction cup things. Easy, just takes some time. Or find a set of decent used heads and swap them in, you'll need new HG's, cam seals, and valve cover seals though. ~Josh~
  2. I am very interesting in doing the 4 to 5 lug conversion on my EA82 subaru, but I have a few questions regarding the parts and processes before i start.


    1. Is there a preferred model year to do this? I have access to a 93 Impreza, but don't know a darn thing about a subaru XT6.


    2. If I am to do this, is the bolt pattern for the 5 lug a "weird subaru" pattern, like the 4 bolt I currenttly have, or is this a common 5 bolt pattern where aftermarket rims can easily be found?


    3. Is there reason why impreza parts cant be used for the rear?


    4. is there a preferred year models in which to take parts from the XT6 or Impreza GC8?


    If you could answer these to the best of your ability it would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Screw the stock stuff and go straight to an aftermarket header. Equal length or un-equal length, it's your choice. Don't you just love the low end grunt the frankenstein puts out? ~Josh~
  4. ballitch

    Tech Quiz Question

    You're going to have to sort out the piston situation if you plan on putting any head on that block that has a chamber volume over 40cc's. The EJ22T has pistons that have -28cc's of dish, the wrx has -12cc's, the Sti has -22, and the N/A EJ22 has -12. If you were to swap on DOHC EJ25 heads(46.6cc chamber volume), your compression ratio would be 7.5:1, horrible, in my opinion. Swap on SOHC EJ25 heads(50-51cc),7.1:1, eesh. Basically, if you want to swap on a set of heads that don't breathe through a straw like the EJ22 heads(41cc) do, you might want to think about replacing your pistons. You could throw in a set of N/A EJ22 pistons, then use DOHC EJ25 heads, that would be simple., and would get you to about 9:1 compression ratio. As long as you don't mind getting your hands dirty. ~Josh~
  5. You might want to look into finding a wiring harness from an H-6 outback. Hopefully someone will correct me if i'm wrong, if the EZ30D/R/whatever is maf based then awesome. If you can run an EJ25 off an EJ18 ecu and injectors and fuel maps you can run an EG33 off an EZ30 ecu as well. At least I would think so. If its map based I don;t think it will work, since the fuel and timing tables would be calibrated for a 3.0 liter motor, not a 3.3 liter motor. You will obviously need to make sure that the EZ30 ecu is hooked up to your TCU. IIRC there are something like 13 wires that need to be hooked up between the ECU and the TCU. Other than that, you could go standalone EM. IIRC, the hydra can operate 6 cylinders. These are the things that came to mind if I were in your shoes. ~Josh~
  6. I only have a stock EJ22 in mine, but the way I took care of wheels spin is 5 lug swap and wrx rims and tires. You WILL break your tranny. My EA82 trans. lasted about 3 years before it walked out the door screaming. I need to keep up with this site more often, frankenmotor brat within 30 miles of me and I didnt even know it.....shame. ~Josh~
  7. As mentioned, it is easiest to grab the crossmember with lines, rack, and all that jazz. Bonus info: If you ever do an EJ swap, the EJ power steering pump bolts up to the EA lines. ~Josh~
  8. Want more info, have had my fan hooked up to a toggle switch for 3 years. And I tried the pull a part yards, pulled all the speed selectors and brought them all back. ....maybe it was the power feed to the speed selcetor switch...:-\ ~Josh~
  9. I'm obviously biased, but I think you should just do it the "old fashioned" way, and strip a harness, or buy one that has been stripped. Say hello to triple digit hp levels. ~Josh~
  10. ballitch

    EJ swap who's who

    I feel like I missed the memo... Board Member: ballitch Engine: OBD1 EJ22 harness, MY96' Impreza engine Chassis: 1986 GL wagon Tranny: Stock D/R 5 speed. Other: 5 lug swap, using xt6 knuckles, along with the normal 5 lug rear stuff. 02-03 WRX rims and tires, 02 WRX struts and springs. Gr-2's in the rear w/ honda accord springs. (horrible, I know) ~Josh~
  11. ballitch

    EJ-swap checklist and part numbers

    You use the pres. plate, disc, and T/O bearing. My swap has 20-ish,000 mi. on it and it never slips. Did you already sort out the top passenger side motor to tranny bolt/stud? I used 2 engine studs and welded them together, after i mocked them up and cut them to the right size of course. ~Josh~
  12. I think you can use the front axles off an impreza, I used XT6 axles with the EA82 tranny side DOJ swapped onto it. ~Josh~
  13. ballitch

    Ej22 swap no spark

    My crank angle sensor wasnt plugged in one time, it took me almost 2 hours to track that down.....of course my dad came right out and pointed to it in 10 seconds. when i stripped down my harness i collected all the power wires, soldered them together, and connected it to the ign, switch on the steering column. used a tester to find the wire that was on while the key was in acc, AND On positions. then i wired the "always hot" wire to the battery with a fuse. next, i collected ALL the gorunds and soldered them together and grounded it to the chassis. worked great for me. Oh, i left the fuel pump relay and the ign relay from the legacy harness, and grounded it, so the ecu thinks its sending a signal to the fuel pump. ~Josh~
  14. ballitch

    25 spline to 23 pline swap?

    Another idea is to swap in a N/A 5 speed D/R tranny out of an 86-89(i think they made it in 89) GL wagon or 4wd sedan. unless you really want the awd, but i think D/R is better offroad. that way you can use your 23 spline axles you have. of course you wouls have to swap in the D/R tranny, but it might be worth considering. ~Josh~
  15. ballitch

    brakes for legacy

    for wrx front brakes you only need the rotor, the caliper, and the caliper bracket....bolts right up to the stock legacy backing plate. as for the rears, you need the 11.4'' rotor, a 02' or 03' wrx rear calipers(and pads) and the rear caliper brackets off the same car the 11.4'' rotors came from. and you have to trim/remove the backing plate/dust shield. ~Josh~