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does any body know where to get a 6 inch lift or bigger for the ol subie. i want to go big so i can show up my friends Baja Bug, and Chevy. 3 and 4 inch lifts just wont cut it. and will quad rims with a wide 4 lug pattern fit a sub if the holes were drilled wider

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There is a company in Austrailia that does a 6" kit. I emailed them about it; sounded like an all inclusive kit. Still would expect some customization during install to make stuff fit.


I think you'll find most of these questions answerd here in the Offroad section :) Search through it and you'll find the talk about quad rims and 6" lifts.



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Your Subaru and a Baja bug are apples and oranges.

They are just different beasts.


A 2WD Bug is not going to climb a hill like a 4WD Subie. :-p


As for the tires use, ATV rather than Quad, as your key word in your search.


Good luck


82 SubaruHummer--Atv tires

01 Forester--Factory tires

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small pipe in. check my webpage. www.westcoaststompers.com



go to the bottom of the main page. there will be a banner that says john's custom subarus... check that out. no kit better than the custom way. and if you are going that big. then you got a second divorced t-case option. redrilled chevy or yota rims are a good bet. or a 6 lug converstion. then you can straight bolt on yota and chevy rims.


john did my 8 inch lift and divorced tcase mod. along with a bunch of other mods! he did a real good job and all his mods have held up to my heavy foot and abuse. i've only broken other things, like parts i decided not to upgrade. oops...



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