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EA82 SPFI manifold?

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So, I've heard the SPFI manifold will bolt up to an EA81.


Would I get any performance increase over my 2bbl hitachi, better mileage, right?


And, If I did it right, could I get a MAF sensor to work on it? do they come with them? what about using an EA82T plenum with a turbo?


This would all be interesting on an EA81 NA engine with carb heads. right? right? thanks.

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yeah, the spfi will bolt up. i think the egr will need to be removed, and if you use the ea81 power steering, some of the bracket will need ground away. use the ea82- water pipe along the top of the motor

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but the next question is, does the turbo plenum from an EA82T work on the SPFI manfiold?


Don't tell me a turbo EA81 NA shortblock wouldn't be cool.

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rguyver put a turbo plenum on an spfi fitted to an ea81.


i made a mock up, i got the turbo and pipe to fit the motor, the manifold on the motor, but connecting the turbo plenum to the spfi intake will need some clever mixing and matching of parts. something about saab parts will fit, or maybe chopping up existing subaru parts, if you put some stuff on sideways or backwards, it seems like it would want to fit.


one other thing. obviously you should know that you will have top modify the spfi distributor to fit the ea81.


you will have to grind away at the distributor housing and cut off a tab to fit around the power steering(ea82 if you use it) mount. the little dist mounting piece(the one that fits around the hole) can be turned upside down, and the distributor has to be mouned 180 degrees backwards, but have the rotor oriented correctly, so the vacuum clears the water neck/thermostat housing on the spfi manifold.

that will work if you connect all the plug wires 180 from their respective terminals, so the rotor is in the same relation to the plug wires like they should be.


the egr valve was removed to allow the use of the ea82 pitch bar mount(on my mock-up) you might be able to get away eith the egr with the ea81 pitch bar mount, but consider possible interference


are you putting spfi in an ea81 car, or an ea81 motor in an spfi ea82 car?

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