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windshield wiper issues

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Here's the story.


I left my wipers half way up over night a couple years back, and for some reason, in the morning, they would no longer go above that point when they were on intermittant.


They work just fine on low and high, but the int. goes half way up the windsheild and they cut stop. i have to turn it to low or high to allow it to complete the cycle, and then i have to stop the wipers when they get to the bottom. Additionally, they do not complete the cycles when i turn the knob to the off position. I've done everything I can think of; followed the electrical as far as I can, and checked the motor. Is there something that I could be missing? A relay somewhere or something?


Any tips?

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Have you ever detached the cover on the wiper motor (ie the black part containing the magnets)?

While it can bolt on 2 ways, the polarity of the magnets mean it should only go on one way.

If you have removed it, unscrew it & turn it a half turn & reattach it.

The biggest symptom of this will be your wiper not parking at the bottom of the screen, instread they will be partially up.

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