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  1. I've got EJ backing plates, but no L series versions. Having some troubles lining up holes after taking my measurements... My aim was to make a template for people to properly align the holes, etc. But I think it might be better doing it off the car directly.
  2. No, these are flat pins.
  3. I started a new job this week & have access to Autocad. I did some work today measuring up the backing plate adaptors I have & trying to reproduce them. Need to lay out the printed drawing on the EJ & L backing plates to check for accuracy. Anyone got access to a 3D printer to make some plastic templates as mounting jigs for aligning the holes?
  4. so your 5Mt (3.7) ratio must've been a full-time 4wd also, because that won't fit into a part time 4wd box. It's too long
  5. Do you have any more sets being sent to Aus? I know someone who might want a pair.
  6. Actually, the rear case isn't the same between the 2. The single range box doesn't have the hole drilled for the low range shaft to come out the front (and it's a bastard to do as I've looked into converted a single range with centre diff lock into dual range). But like WoodsWagon said, so long as the front diff ratios are the same between the 2 boxes, you'll be able to put the single range diff plus pinion & shaft into the dual range box (assuming it's a part time 4wd box & not the full-time 4wd with locking mech) Bascially, keep as much of your dual range as possible & just swap the broken bits only
  7. I'm making a patch loom to install a Spider manifold XT engine into my turbo wagon. I've traced all of the pins on the 2 loom plugs & there's only some minor changes. Problem is that the spare engine loom I'm using as an extension is from an NA. It uses all 16 pins on the black plug like the turbo, but only 11 of 16 on the white instead of 12. Therefore, I'm one pin short on the engine side of the loom. Does anyone have a spare loom they'd pull a wire out of, or know where I could buy these pins? Thanks in advance.
  8. You thought about getting the non insulated spade terminals like normally plug into a relay and cutting off the male/female terminal & just using the crimp part? That'd look pretty identical to what the factory uses. Cover with heatshrink/tape & you're done.
  9. I'm a bit surprised the fronts changed, but did they use different wheels from 4wd to FWD? Different offset wheels will cause the track to change. The FWD rear end is quite different to the 4wd with a solid hub and bearing like a trailer. Subaru could've changed it for a handling benefit (most FWD have a narrower rear track than front)
  10. wagonist

    Brake Fuse Blows after 30 min

    So, if you disconnect the plug at the brake switch and leave the car sit, doe it still pop the fuse? If so, then the problem is somewhere between the fusebox & the brake switch, not the switch or anything further down. I haven't worked on an 83, but did some fuse box changed on an 85, and can confirm that you can pull the pins out, but they're a right bugger, and almost impossible whilst it's still in the car. It's also prob a 2 person job. I discovered how by going to the wreckers and literally smashing apart a fusebox to look how the pins clipped in.
  11. wagonist

    Rear disc questions

    If you can change the rear arms, that would be better as they have extra brackets for holding on the brake lines. The hard line attached to the arms changes to a flexible line from the arms to the calipers. They stay as hard lines on the drum brakes. if you change the arms, you can also add a rear anti-roll bar if you wish. Drum brake rear end doesn't have the brackets for those either.
  12. I think most people mod the rods between the gearbox & shifters, so don't have this issue. If you've still got the originals, that'd be a better way to go.
  13. I'm not sure about the series 2 green dashes (I've only just mine recently & it's working fine), but for the series 1, the sender in the tank is different to the analogue gauge. try to find out of 88- XT
  14. I'm waiting for some european member to chime in and wonder what all this stupid talk about 106 being so fast... There are a number of places in Europe, where despite the speed limit being 130 (km/h for those who can't figure it out), that if you're in the fast lane and not doing at least 160, then you will get others tooting at you to move over. I dunno why US highways are so slow limited. Mostly you're on dual carriageways with limited entry/exits. Try coming down under where the majority of our national highway is single lane, undivided & with a 100 - 110km/h speed limit.