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Found 11 results

  1. Please see my video at this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11FP39hKrU2XqiSRT4n7GRie5ra_5cdiY/view?usp=sharing I was experiencing a vibration at speed. It felt like front wheels/bearings/balance... but I would slip it into neutral and it would roll just fine. I figured it was "drive-train" somewhere and took it to a shop for diagnosis. They found a torn boot and told me that 1/2 axle was bad and causing vibration and that when I slipped it into neutral it took the torque off the axle and allowed it to re-center itself and spin freely. I started installing new axles and seals. When I removed the driver side retaining plate to replace the seal, the axle stub just clunked to the bottom of the opening (unlike passenger side which had stayed centered in the hole...) - Please watch my video and let me know what you think has happened inside the case. Thanks!!
  2. I have a 88(I think) dual range transmission with a blown ring and pinion. Instead of buying a new ring and pinion from subaru for $500 I picked up a gently used 93 manual push button transmission($100) with the intention of taking the ring and pinion out of that. The transmission is perfectly fine except that I would be better off with the dual range on my rig. So my question is, would it be possible to just swap the transfer case on the end of the transmission? They seem to be the same size, and it would make the project much easier. Thanks for the help. And just for kicks I have an 88 Gl-10 4" lift ej22 swap
  3. Hi folks, It's been a while since I posted here, 'cause the wagon has been running fine, but a BAD THING happened today. I was toodling home through my neighborhood when, upon starting up from a stop at an intersection, I heard a CLUNK and lost motive power. the engine was running and revving, and the car was...just...rolling. I hit the 4WD button on the shifter (this is a 5-speed) and the rear drive engaged. I got back underway, nice and easy, for the mile or so home. Once home, I took a quick look underneath the front end to confirm that the new CV axles and joints were still in place, which they were. So, I suspect a problem with or in the transaxle. QUESTIONS: Does that sound about right? Am I overlooking anything? What's the diagnostic procedure, or did I just experience it? Is this a repair, or a replacement? How big of a PITA is the job? Considering this car has 245k miles on it and needs new front engine seals at the next timing belt change (i.e. soon), is it worth pursuing? TIA
  4. This is my first Subaru, and I love it. It's a '98 Outback with 5-sp manual, about 165,000 miles. Last night I was up-shifting through a corner, driving normally, and suddenly the car just stopped moving. There was no noise or anything. Now I can shift through all the gears without using the clutch, with the car running, and it just sits there. I'm used to clutch failure modes where the clutch slips, or you can't shift, but I've never seen this one. I don't know whether to think it's the clutch, transmission, transfer case, or what. I haven't dumped the codes yet. Anyone ever experience this? Wayne West Michigan
  5. What type of fluid is used in subaru gl transfer case 4 wheel drive!
  6. Hello! My name is Corey and I live in Arvada Colorado and own a 94 Subaru Loyale Wagon and would like to beef it up. Get a lift on it maximize my engine power and upgrade the tranny/drive to allow for some off-roading and mudding. I invision a "mad max" style road warrior car and i wanna do it right but still holding on to some of my cash while i do it. if anyone has any information on how to: Lift by at least 4" Upgrade the current engine or suggest upgrade options Any information on what i need to do to ensure sufficient power for transfer case/drivetrain. I do have a second 88' Loyale I was going to use to cannibalize for parts which has everything in tact, just older. but again suggest what i can and cannot use from that for what I would like to do. thanks for checkin it out! - Corey
  7. So i have an 84 GL wagon, just finished the 5speed swap. The 4wd is stuck in 4hi. not with the shift linkage or with pry-bars am i able to move it to 4low or 2wd. I'm supposed to make a few hundred mile drive tonight and I don't suspect id be doing very well on the "new" 5speed stuck in 4wd. Any clues, hints, advice would be greatly appreciated
  8. Hey guys, I got a 1990 lego, manual 2.2 and i'm in my final stages of making it a vehicle that can survive where I live. Lifted, Locked, Updated breaks, quality rubber, etc. I would like to be able to gear it down with either a older model transfer case or just fully change the first gear ratios..There is one other 93 Impreza in my town that has already done this, so I know its possible. Although he is out of town for the next few months. Anybody know what generation transfer case I should be looking for? I have access to an 89 Loyal T/C Taking ideas...This is also a budget car Thanks g
  9. Gloyale


    Spent Halloween working on my own Frankenstein super lifted T-cased Subaru project. 86 Isuzu Trooper diesel Front frame. Cut just behind the torsion mounts. Keeping the Isuzu A-arms, knuckles, hubs, brakes. Hooking up to Subaru 4.11 Diff using hybrid Isuzu and EA81 Axles. EJ steering rack with Isuzu tierods. Nissan 720 Transfercase Here's some teaser pics. Not sure it's really what I want to do......but it's a start.
  10. Hey guys.... first post, here. My wife's 2004 Outback 2.5 4EAT was experiencing the infamous rear wheel Binding while slowly turning into a parking spot. I knew it would be a rear clutch pack and Duty C solenoid. I had the dealer do the work, since we needed it done in 3 days. We were moving. SO, the dealer got the work done for a little over $1000.00. Ok, we drive to our new house several states away. Hmmmmm... funny, when I hit the gas, the front tires are spinning on the new gravel driveway! What? No Rear wheel drive anymore!! AT Light not lit. FWD fuse not in. DEX III filled and double checked. Well, I'm thinking, it just HAS to be a defective Duty C. Can't take it back to that dealer now, so I ordered another one, with new gaskets for everything I had to remove. Installed it, no problem. DANG!! Still no Rear wheel drive! So I pulled the TCU codes this time. Code 93 - Rear vehicle Speed Sensor. Well the rear sensor is part of the Trans wiring harness, so I order and install the trans Wiring Harness. Button everything back up.... still no Rear wheel drive. So I ask the dealers Tech guy what would cause error 93. He suggested the Reduction Drive Shaft, as sometimes the welds on the Stamped gear shear off. I knew from the last time that I was in the Extension case, the stamped gear was on and looked great, and it would not spin independently of the Reduction drive gear, so I was a little reluctant to replace it. But I went ahead and ordered up the shaft, gear, bearing, and seals. I pressed all together, then dropped the Extension case again, and pulled out old reduction shaft and installed new reduction shaft. Still no Rear wheel drive. Soooo.... I am at a loss as to what to do next. Does the tranny have to come out and get rebuilt? Is there anything else I can check before this? Also, I am not a car mechanic, just a "Weekend" Mechanic. But I am a certified A&P mechanic. Thanks guys. If you need them, I do have the list of the part numbers for everything I installed, as well as the part numbers for everything the dealer initially installed.
  11. We own a 2007 Outback and had to replace the Head Gaskets 2 years ago with only 85,000 miles on the car for about $2200 (plus timing belt, etc. for a grand total of $3k). Now less than two years later, with 111k miles, we are being told that the transfer case may need to be replaced based on the rattling sound under my hood, for another $2500-3000. What in the world? This is our first Subaru and I am very disappointed. Is this normal? Does this sound correct? Is there something else that could be wrong? Does anyone recommend getting a "used" transfer case if my mechanic can find one? Any advice is much appreciated!
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