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    Just love offroad vehicles and wanna try and make this my project car!
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    1994 Subaru Loyale Wagon
  1. I am leaning towards that once i replaced the cap was when this problem started. I cant say this was happening before then.
  2. hey everyone! just having an issue with my 94 loyale. I recently replaced the distributor cap and I will be installing new spark plugs and wires, however when driving, my car will have a very unsteady idle or even drop so low that it will die altogether. i have to feather the gas just to keep it running while its on the road and if i dont it will stall out and ill have to start it up again. I have sprayed around the lines for vacuum leaks and i have done research on wether its the fuel injector or maybe one of the sensors or the solenoid is stuck open. i am not sure where to go from here. I have a chiltons repair manual and have looked over what it could be, I would just like a bit more input and direction and hopes its not a big endeavor in both cost and time. thanks!
  3. well thanks for the input man! ill swing thru yaknyeti soon! but yeah I know ill be researching a lot on here. I wanted a jeep originally but I really like how these rigs look! Totally up my alley! Anyways, yeah ill have pics soon of what I am driving and what ill be getting my hands into. as far as i know the 88 doesn't have a turbo and its a standard shifter no hi/lo
  4. thanks Levi. yeah i live off wadsworth near olde town arvada district. Im sorry im so green but what is an OBD II ? lol Yeah right now im just lookin for information and the first steps to take while I still use the car to commute. I'd like to try to tackle each smaller project one at a time so that way i can progressively upgrade it and its not off the road for a long time. would i be able to use a legacy swapper car for any other parts as well or just the engine and harness? I was gonna use my 88 loyale (which has its engine/tranny removed) for any other parts for my car ( i need new window motors, rear strut and various other cosmetic things) could i use a legacy from the same era as my 94 loyale to replace any of those previously listed items or should i use the 88 loyale for it?
  5. right on thanks. I think i may have found a project 2.2 boxer that i can work on while i drive the car still. im gonna to a bottom up rebuild on it if I get it. any first steps or suggestions? and if i do pull the EJ22 Swap into my Loyale, running new wiring is necessary from what I have seen. easiest way to make this happen as well? I am a "do it yourself" guy and wanna get my hands on all the work so i will be doing the work. I just bought a Chilton Subaru 1985-96 repair manual book and have this as a resource as well. thanks again for any information!
  6. I was hoping as large as possible. I would prefer running all terrain tires so I can use it as a daily driver as well. If i can get larger than 20" that would be cool.
  7. Hello! My name is Corey and I live in Arvada Colorado and own a 94 Subaru Loyale Wagon and would like to beef it up. Get a lift on it maximize my engine power and upgrade the tranny/drive to allow for some off-roading and mudding. I invision a "mad max" style road warrior car and i wanna do it right but still holding on to some of my cash while i do it. if anyone has any information on how to: Lift by at least 4" Upgrade the current engine or suggest upgrade options Any information on what i need to do to ensure sufficient power for transfer case/drivetrain. I do have a second 88' Loyale I was going to use to cannibalize for parts which has everything in tact, just older. but again suggest what i can and cannot use from that for what I would like to do. thanks for checkin it out! - Corey