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Hi all-


I just picked up the remotes for my 02 legacy outback, and I tried following the procedure in the manual to program them, but no dice.


I get in the car and close the driver door, and cycle the key 10 times on to lock, but I never hear a beep.


Was I wrong in my assumption this car came standard with keyless? It's listed as standard on the cars101 site, and when I lock and close the doors, I get a honk.


Maybe i'm missing something?


Thanks for any help.

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Been there done that!


Same problem with my 01 Forester that had keyless entry as standard equipment. Or so the brochure said......:madder:


I tryed codes, the dealer tryed codes-----No Honks!


Now you have tried the codes there are a couple more things you should try.


Is your remote the right remote for the year?

The dealer can give you the FCC code. Match this to your remote. If it dosen't match there is your problem.


Have the dealer run your vin in the computer and see if it really came with keyless as an option? They can be ordered with out.


My Forester was aparently ordered with out the module:mad: .

Once I found this out, I was able to Ebay a keyless module and Ebay some remotes ($50 for everything). Took me longer to find the box than to install it. (15 minutes)


I have a link to box installation instructions somewhere.


Good luck,


82 Hatch, transforming........ :temper:

01 Forester, Ebay keyless, Ebay remotes, Ebay Wood Dash, Ebay Fender Flares:D

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Thanks Glenn, I think I saw your post in the archives while searching through.


I spoke with the dealer and they said if it didn't come with keyless, they could install it in an hour or so for $150-$175! I'm going down next week for clutch and brake trouble, so will have them take a look... for that much money though I'll do some searching for the box you mention, maybe it's avilable from ebay or some of the other subi parts places.


I'm pretty sure the remotes are ok, came from a dealer as part of a deal. Orange/Blue buttons.. but will double check.


Was it just a box to install with some minor wiring (i.e. just plug it in)?

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Simple Install!!!!!!!:banana:


You unplug a clip and undo a nut, it's out.

You plugin and put the nut back, it's done.

Don't pay a Dealer to install it!!!!


I'm concerned,

If your getting a honk your system is active, which means you have a keyless box?

Mine never honked until the box was installed?


Are Your batteries good? Does the LED light up when you press a button?


I think my FCC code is for a 2001,2002 it is A269ZUA111.

I think yours should be the same FCC number too.


Good luck,


82 Hatch, transforming.......:temper:

01 Forester, jealous...........:madder:

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Here is some info I found on how to do the programming of the remote. The source also confirmed the colored buttons on the remote for 2002.


Unlock all doors. Cycle key quickly but carefully on-off app 10 times until the car honks one time.

Do not turn the key far enough to start the car. Just to the 'on' position so the dash lights up.

When the horn honks, open and close the driver's door, press any remote button and that's it.

Program another remote? Open and close the door again and push a button on the 2nd remote.

When you're done, remove the key and the horn should honk 3 times. You're all set.

Sometime it takes more than 10 on-offs to set program mode. Open/close the door, lock/unlock etc, wait 10 minutes, then try again.


If you still have a problem and you know the battery is ok then there may be some RF interference near your location causing a problem in the receiver. If you are near a FM broadcast station I would try driving about a mile away and see if that helps.


Another Glen.

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Finally got it!


Had to try the procedure twice before it worked, but what I did was:


Open driver door.


Get in, close door.

Cycle key, lock->on 10 or 11 times.

Got the honk.

Opened and close driver door.

Pushed a button, got two honks.

Open and close driver door.

Pushed a button on the second remote, got two honks.


Removed key, and got 3!


Wohoo! Guess I just didn't have the right finesse the first bunch of times.


Thanks a ton for the help Glenn and Glen.



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