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are you talking about the front pads? if it's like the XT6 (emergency brake on the front) you'll need the special brake piston socket. attaches to your socket wrench, it's a small tool that costs about 5 bucks. it's a little square with different knobs on each face, one side will slide into the subaru pistons. the piston needs to be "turned" while pushing in, so a C-clamp won't work.


here's a picture of the tool:



they also make a special kit that was on sale at harbor freight for 19.99, well worth the 20 bucks. the tool mentioned earlier is testing at times, this kit is much nicer.


this tool is part number 40732-0VGA from www.harborfreight.com

they are normally 39 or 49.99, but it's on sale and was 19.99 when i got it a week or two ago. no ads or anything priced 39 at the store, but rang up 19.99. great deal.


if you're talking about the rears then none of this is relevant!!!

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yep, I am dealing with the front brakes. I wasn't aware the piston had to be turned. Also there wasn't any way to secure a c clamp without damaging the rubber bushing on the backside of the caliper. Thanks again.

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