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Hi all.


Just a quick question about tires and rims for my 1993 Impreza AT AWD. Currently I have 14 inch rims with P175 70 14 winter tires on them. My mechanic happens to have a set of rims/tires from a Legacy Turbo (look like the ones that came stock with the 92-94 Turbos) that are in fantastic shape and he will sell to me very cheap. They are 15 inch rims with P195 60 15 Pirelli all season tires.


My question: can I safely (come summer) switch my rims/tires to the 15 inch ones mentioned above? If there will be problems can they be solved easily? Past experiences etc...


Thanks for your help in advance!



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I've heard that putting larger wheels on a car can affect the speedo amongst other things. Will it affect it with a 1" jump up or is that only if I was going to try and rock 18's or something?

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Larger wheels don't make a difference, it's the overall diameter of the tire.


Generally, for every +1" in wheel diameter, you're going to want to go down 10% on the section, and one size wider.


So, like, a 195/60-15 would have about the same diameter as a 185/75-14.


Those 15s are going to be very, very close to the same height as your stock wheels. miata.net has a tire calculator that will tell you how close.


I have 205/55-16s in place of 185/70-14s, and my speedo is still pretty accurate. I checked with GPS and it was off by about 2 mph at 60, which is normal for any car.

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