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  1. oh come on. My friend/coworker drives a 430whp 460wtq 06 wrx and so far (a year or so) his 5-speed is holding up fine. I can think of at least two other people I know personally running 400+whp through a 5-speed without trouble, one for over 40k miles. Yeah, they'll break, but generally only when you're doing something stupid.
  2. I made an adapter harness for the 93-94 legacy that allows you to put any 95+ radio in the car. http://bbs.legacycentral.org/viewtopic.php?t=28370
  3. I just swapped the buckle. I did have to drill out a rivet but after that it fit on there and worked fine. The only problem was occasionally having to dig for the lap belt because I didn't stick on the plastic guide.
  4. Hey guess what you're one of them. Here's a nice explanation why it won't work: if you really want to save money on gas drive less or trade-in for a corolla.
  5. yeah I got mine for $100 (fronts only). they'll sit about an inch higher at the lowest setting, and you can't swap rails.
  6. Those, or T-bolt clamps, are the way to go. too bad they're $5-10 each.
  7. turbo is oil lubricated, and water-cooled. Oh, and here's a piston I pulled out of an 07 sti today: I like to call that reason #1 not to have some guy opensource road tune your car.
  8. I've seen a few of them (ok there are 4 at our shop right now) but it generally only happens when they're poorly modified and tuned. I'd take the turbo because it's a much better base to get more power out of. With a downpipe and good tune you'll see at least an extra 50 hp at the wheels.
  9. Well, you can always just make your own. An intake, downpipe and a tune is about all it takes to be at the 380S power levels.
  10. if you have the same year, the only difference is the angle of the bolt holes in the clevis if you're using wrx sedan parts.
  11. I posted that here too btw in the repair manual.
  12. put a little dab of the sealant on the valve cover gasket anywhere it makes a sharp corner up or down (from the plane of the head) too.