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  1. Pull your spark plugs, if one looks steam cleaned that is your offending cylinder!
  2. My best build was SPFI pistons, a Delta grind cam, decked the heads, re-curved the Disty. That engine is somewhere in Yakima if I recall correctly, don't know if it ever got running right, but if it did, it should have put out maybe 100 at the crank? It was an interesting experiment at least.
  3. I'm so confused I had to log in. I hate logging in. It sounds to me that you are happy with the EA-81, and don't want/need the power of an EJ? But wait, you want performance? I'll address the issue with EA-81 and performance. The intake is long and narrow, which means it's set up for low end torque. Being on the suction side, the 1.25 inch diameter limits your flow, a lot. I flowed the heads and intake on a bench air flow tester and you're not going to get more than 125 horsepower from that intake, and that comes with bumping duration and lift on the cam substantially. That is assuming that you have fuel injection, because even with the Weber carb you're not going to get a consistent mixture from the bottom to your new required red-line to get the HP gains you seek. Now that you've added fuel injection and a new intake with runners for both cylinders, you'll need an exhaust tuned to the additional airflow, it might be best at this point to get dual runner exhaust as well. The most reliable way to go about this is to get in contact with someone in the Experimental Aircraft Association, and have them put you into contact with an engine builder, but an FAA spec engine will be about 15-20K, I'm assuming that if you do not require FAA licensing you can get away with about a 10K price tag as they won't have to blueprint everything. Or, you can go with the engine that has all these things on it, get a 200 dollar adapter plate, meet up with some fun Subie nuts and work out a wiring harness over some beers, soda or milk and have your brat running with the same reliability, twice the performance and better fuel economy to boot for less than 1500 bucks. That's why everyone recommends the EJ swap, if you're happy with ~68 horsepower stick with the EA-81, it's a great engine, but it was never designed to be, will never be, and can't ever be a high performance engine.
  4. Snow tires will get you a little bit more tread, but there isn't much you can do with 13's
  5. Newer subies, of the EJ flavor are 32mm
  6. NoahDL88

    UEL dual port headers now available

    That's some fine looking welding! TIG?
  7. Nice painting, I wish I had your brushes! It's not the camera.
  8. NoahDL88

    car wont heat up

    I've had a new thermostat fail out of the box, also EA-82 Make sure you have enough fluid in there, and feel around on the hoses for sudden changes from hot to cold.
  9. If you're handy at all with a soldering pen that's an easy fix, could probably just use solder to bridge the gap, but a short piece of wire is probably a better idea. Where are you located, maybe someone around you could help.
  10. Legally you really have no leg to stand on, as verbal agreements are hard to prove. As far as his word, yes, he should honor your verbal agreement, but in the end do you really want to buy a car from a guy like this? Give your money to someone else, a deal isn't done until cash and title change hands.
  11. NoahDL88

    SJR Full time

    Dang Scott, that is really rockin gives the wheel a military/industrial look
  12. NoahDL88

    Tahuya wheelin this weeekend

    Twist my arm, I could be in! Sunday works better for me