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Does anyone have the instructions to install the factory tweeters in a 2000 Forester L ? If so, could you please e-mail me a copy ?

The one I found online refers to the 2001 Forester. Thanks in advance for your help.




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run a trail from the floor to the place you want the tweeters, and the little yellow suckers will go nest by theyselves.


Sorry, coul'nt hep' mysef'.

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It's not a 2000 Forester, but, I recently did this on my '97 Legacy.


The black triangle trim where the tweeter goes just pulled off. The door is already pre-wired for the tweeters. On the one side I was able to pull the door panel away enough to reach down and pull the wire up. On the other side I had to pull off the door panel to get the wire in place. Plug the wires into the tweeters and push them into place.


To remove the door panel on my Legacy there are two screws. One behind a plug on the handle to pull the door shut. One behind a plug inside of the latch recess. Then firmly pull the bottom of the panel away from the door and lift straight up.



btw, did you see the thread on the meet at the Pine Barrens? Real close to you and it will be a good time. The thread is at the top of the Old Generation Forum.

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