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EA82 Trip Computer components?

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I've got a 1991 EA82 carby wagon. I'm swapping in the entire dash (including dash wire loom) from an EFI sedan that had all the bells and whistles.


The sedan didn't have the trip computer, but it has a 6pin plug to the display (normal clock only uses a 4pin plug).


Does anyone know what components make up the trip computer? ie buttons, display, control box?


Some photos would be nice too? I've never seen one in an EA82 before...




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there is the display, which is where the clock goes on a non trip computer car.


There is the control panel, which looks like this(although will be mounted next to the stereo in EA82s prior to 1988)



And between those two components there is a box under the dash, behind the glove box.. just follow the wires from the control panel and you will find it.. it gathers info from various other components of the car.. Don't know much more than that

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