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Hey Everybody This is Jerry, well it started out today by 1 of the guys at Subaru calling me about wanting some wheels. After all said and done i traded a set of jack mans wheels for a 86 red hatch back in really nice shape and the air still works. Then Austin came over the hill to pick up his drive line. Then we went to look at a 87 xt his buddy that was with him wants it for 250.00. Then i stop at the wrecking yard and got a skid plate and a Accell coil for 2 dollars, i also got a K&N air filter complete for 5 dollars. A really good day. Thanks Jerry

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Absolutely awesome day!.... Like picking up a five speed 93 Impreza wagon with 150k for 100.00! Car runs great...except "bad tranny" Quote from owner...turns out just to be a bad axle on passenger front!:brow:


Good day in Indiana!



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