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In my quest to make the Brat look like the remains of ww III. I figured I would start this thread and updated it as I get things done.

part 1

Rust proofing and hole pluging.

Rust proofing with this


nice stuff it is a brushable powder coating. 1 Gallon covers 200sq ft

hole filling with this


This stuff has some wicked tensil strength you can even tap it and put screws in it.

Then I will cover it with this



I will be trimming fenders and putting on flares.

More to come.


---pics below--


I still have one more coat of rust bullet to put on this spot. It has to be 3 mils thick . I only bought the sampler kit The one gallon pail is in the mail.



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seems to me that remains from wwII WOULD have rust, holes and look like its falling apart.


mad max rigs would too. i doubt POR15 would be available at the thunderdome supermall.

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first, put a eaton M62 on top of your motor

then, make new fenders, one out of metal roofing and one out of a chevy corsica fender

14 bolt dually rear axle with the dually wheels, mismatched tires of course

dash mounted elephant rifle(no windshield)

bed mounted M60

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I am thinking more along the lines of one of the chase cars. Now if I can only get master blaster to sit in the back.. Oh well back to work.

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