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Upper Clock (near rearview mirror) dead - 2000 Forester.

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The clock up above the rearview mirror on my 2000 Forester has been dead for who knows how long now. Its probably a fuse somewhere.. unless the thing itself died.


I checked various fuse diagrams, but for the life of me cannot identify one specifically for the clock.


Anyone know what fuse I need, and where it is located?



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Hey Gary,


There's a resistor that tends to fall off, and it's a rather simple fix. You just need to take the clock out and reattach it (probably the "510" one) with a soldering iron. Even if it's still attached, the solder joints may be cracked.


Be careful as you take the clock apart not to lose any of the buttons or the resistor itself.


You can do some further reading in this post:



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Thanks a ton.. i'll check this out over the weekend.


The sucker hasn't worked in a few years. As it wasn't too important its been sitting and nagging me.


Easy fix.. i'll break out the dusty soldering iron.



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