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Carpet... or no Carpet? Tis the question.

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Did some interior cleaning in the wagon today. The metal piece that holds down the trunk carpet was really rusty and was getting worked on (IE de-rusted) so I decided to take every interior bit off the back and clean out all the dirt and such... Found some interesting things under the rear seat :P


Some pics:


Everything removed v




What it looks like without the rear seats and with the interior bits back in place minus the carpet, I thought about leaving it like this... v




And here it is all back together again with the carpets all cleaned up and the seat folded down (I had no idea the bottom seat flipped up! I didnt realize it until I went to unbolt it and found hinges!) v




I cant decide if I want to leave it carpet less or with carpets... You can see the carpet isnt 100%, but the rear trunk space has 0 rust (there was some rust under the rear seat, but I sanded it and painted it over today). I could leave the rear seat out, or leave it in, but I'm just not sure...


I think ill decide how ill run it later on when its all finished with paint and such, it might look funky with a blue paint job and a tan metal trunk area...


Oh, and one final pic, of me taking over the garage for the day :clap:



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Put the carpet in. It reduces noise, easier to slide things in and out and adds a finishing touch. You can actually touch up the black carpet with black fabric paint. You can also get the exact carpet by the yard at JC Whitney.



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spray paint the edges of the cargo area underneath the carpet black, so that you won`t notice the carpet being in so-so condition, it will just blend right in.

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