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EA82 5 speed into EA81 auto, questions...

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I've got an '84 GL 4wd wagon with 3spd auto, I'm getting a 5 speed 4wd trans out of a '87 GL10 in the near future, I'm also pretty much getting the rest of the car too. Just wondering if I can use the front axels from the '87 in my wagon, the ones I currently have are shot, and will I have to change anything else? Also, will the pedals work too? I don't mind a little fabrication on the pedals if need be, but if it comes down to it I'd rather find some on here for sale. Thanks in advance, in info will be greatly appreciated.


From what I've read this should be a pretty basic bolt in as far as swaps go, is this correct?

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Ive noticed in my own project doings with my bro in law that almost anything from the new Gen EJ to New Gen with bolt up and anything from the Old Gen EA to old Gen will bolt up with exceptions to most of the rear diffs because they are usually interchangable.

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